About my work

As a certified Couples & Sex Therapist, I integrate principals of sex therapy into my work with individuals and couples. Accepting of all forms of gender, gender expression, and sexuality, I work with clients to develop their own sexuality free of shame so you may have sexually and emotionally fulfilling relationships.

In my years providing therapy in various settings, I’ve experienced that the primary means of positive change starts with the therapist-client relationship. Within this alliance, our work will build self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your experiences.

My services and techniques are informed by trainings and communities that are aligned with my values for client centered care. My work reflects an integration of theories and attitudes that allow for a more inclusive, comprehensive understanding of my clients. I am driven to help people lead more fulfilling lives with special consideration to internal forces and relational experiences.

woman holding a cup of coffee at right hand and reading book on her lap while holding it open with her left hand in a well-lit room
woman holding a cup of coffee at right hand and reading book on her lap while holding it open with her left hand in a well-lit room

Theories and attitudes

The way I approach treating clients and conceptualizing their experiences is with the integration of particular theories and beliefs. The psychodynamic therapy I practice is grounded in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and a commitment to sex positive therapy.

Attachment Theory

Our early developmental and childhood experience shape the formation of attachment styles. Attachment theory refers to how this influences the ways we perceive and respond to intimacy, trust, and emotional connection. Modern attachment theory is a theory of regulation. It accounts for the biological mechanisms at play in interpersonal relationships and how early developmental experiences shape one's ability to self regulate and regulate with another human being.

Interpersonal Neurobiology

A convergence of attachment science and neurosciences, interpersonal neurobiology considers the interplay of the mind, body and relationships. Interpersonal neurobiology accounts for the co-regulation achievable via the synchrony of you and your partner’s nervous systems.

Sex Positivity

Sex positivity exhibits and promotes sex and sexuality as a natural, healthy part of the human experience. It is based in the movement to challenge attitudes and norms that constrain, shame, and oppress sexuality.

Sex Positive therapists engage in ongoing comprehensive sex education, are accepting of all forms of gender, gender expression, sexuality, and orientations. Sex positive therapists aim to support clients in achieving an identity free from shame, and forming fulfilling relationships.

My blog

Sharing insights and thoughts regarding relational dynamics, attachment sciences, and sex.

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gold pen near black spiral book