I work with individuals and couples. My services are psychodynamic in orientation and informed by an integration of theories and attitudes including modern attachment theory and sex positivity.

Clients seek my services for a variety of reasons including concerns with conflict or disconnection in primary relationship, concerns about sexual functioning, reduced or diminished sexual desire, interest in consensual nonmonogomy, and healing from betrayal trauma.

While many clients seek my services for specific sexual concerns, my skills in the field enhance the work with all of my clients - individuals and couples.

yellow sunflower field during daytime
yellow sunflower field during daytime


I practice from a psychodynamic framework providing clients an authentic therapeutic and caring space to explore unconscious forces, process conflicts, increase self-awareness, and grow.

I work with couples to establish a secure connection as we explore attachment wounds, communication patterns, regulatory strategies, and how these influence the couple's dynamics. Couple's learn new skills including how to dialogue in conscious, caring ways.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy addresses concerns related to sexual satisfaction or functioning including desire, pleasure, and performance. The tenets, skills, and theories of sex therapy are also incorporated into the psychotherapeutic work with all clients as part of improving their overall well-being.

Couples & Sex Therapy

Couples therapy and sex therapy are commonly two separate services. Here they are one. The integration of these two fields of psychology allows for more inclusive, holistic care from one provider.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is interested in the bringing awareness to unconscious forces that influence our perceptions and behaviors. It is a relational experience with your therapist that facilitates deeper exploration, self awareness, personal growth and change.

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